Best 0% Purchase Credit Cards of 2019

Best 0% Purchase Credit Cards of 2019

Top 0% Purchase Credit Cards of 2019:- Today we shall discuss another important and popular credit card product offered by various banks that offers you 0% interest on purchases, and with which you can Enjoy the freedom of spending now and pay for that purchase later. we shall tell you all about 0% Interest Credit Cards. Here you will find the most popular 0% Purchase Credit Cards of 2019.

What is a 0% Purchase Credit Cards?

A 0% Purchase Credit Card is a credit card with a 0% purchase rate, that can help you save on your shopping by charging zero interest on the balance during the promotional period. While the length of the 0% introductory offer varies, you’ll usually be able to get between 3 to 28 months interest-free depending on the credit card you choose.

Use this guide to learn about the benefits of 0% purchase credit cards, how they work and how you can compare the different interest-free offers on the market. We also answer the most common questions about 0% purchase credit card deals to help you get the most out of your next credit card.

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A 0% Purchase Credit Card allows you to make purchases and pay zero interest on them during a promotional, introductory period. When this period ends, the standard purchase rate will be charged for any remaining balance on your card. If you have some big-ticket purchases to make, a 0% purchase credit card can temporarily keep your interest costs low, which could help you pay off the balance faster.

What is the Difference between 0% interest Credit Card and Regular Credit Card?

While a standard credit card typically has an interest rate between 12% and 22% p.a. for purchases, credit cards offering interest-free purchases provide zero interest on all eligible purchases made during the promotional period.

How can I find the best 0% purchase credit card?

There is no particular best 0% interest credit card on the market currently because each offer is designed to suit different spending habits and budgets. But you can find a 0% purchase credit card offer that works for you by comparing the following features:

  1. Length of the 0% purchase promotional period.

    • As the 0% purchase period can range from three to as many as 30 months, it’s important to ensure that the promotional period is sufficient for you. Consider how much you’re going to spend, divide it by the number of months in the promotional period and calculate whether you can repay that much each month to clear the balance before the standard interest rate applies. If not, you might want to apply for a card with a longer promotional period or be prepared to collect some interest when the offer ends.
  2. Annual fee.

    • Some 0% purchase credit cards charge an annual fee. To determine whether or not the card is worth the cost, consider how much you’ll save with the 0% interest offer and any other perks to see whether the benefits outweigh the cost.
  3. Standard purchase interest rate.

    • If you’re unable to pay your balance in full by the end of the introductory period, your purchases will begin attracting the standard purchase rate. Depending on the card, this will typically be between 12% and 22% but can be significantly higher. If you don’t think you can repay the entire balance before the promotion ends, look for a card with a lower ongoing purchase rate. Otherwise, you could enjoy another interest-free period by transferring your debt to a card with a 0% balance transfer offer.
  4. Extra benefits.

    • Does the card come with complimentary travel insurance? Do you want to earn rewards points on your purchases? Will your purchases be covered by purchase protection and an extended warranty? Can you access a 24/7 concierge service? If you will be using the card for more than just the 0% offer, comparing these features can help set the cards apart.


Types of 0% Purchase Credit Cards and Extra Features:-

While each of these Credit cards offers 0% on purchases, there are several types of interest-free purchase credit cards. You can compare the additional benefits and features to determine which type of 0% purchase credit card is right for you.

0% purchase offer typeBenefits
Standard 0% purchase offerIncludes the 0% promotional purchase rate for a specified promotional period, which will revert back to the standard purchase rate once the offer has ended. Extra benefits such as interest-free days, travel benefits and complimentary insurances may also be available.
0% purchases with frequent flyer benefitsEarn frequent flyer points for every dollar spent on your card for the life of the card and also take advantage of an interest-free purchase promotional period.
0% purchases with a balance transfer offerThis type of card allows you to transfer and repay your existing credit card debt interest-free whilst also making purchases with zero interest.
0% purchases with rewards benefitsPay no interest on your purchases and earn rewards points for every dollar you spend. Unlike a frequent flyer card, these are connected to your credit card’s rewards program and can be redeemed for flights, merchandise, and cash back.

What’s the difference between interest-free days and 0% interest credit card offers?

Most credit cards offer you up to a certain number of interest-free days each statement period, for example, up to 55 days. To take advantage of interest-free days, you usually need to pay off your full balance by the due date on each statement. As long as you meet these conditions, you can enjoy interest-free days on your card. CHECK HERE.

In comparison, credit cards that offer a promotional 0% interest on purchases give you a temporary period when you can make purchases without paying any interest. You only have to make minimum payments during the promotional period. But a standard interest rate will apply to any balance remaining at the end of that period.

4 common mistakes to avoid with 0% purchase credit cards

Want to get the most out of a 0% interest period? Here are four things to avoid:

  1. Ignoring the “revert rate”:

    • At the end of the promotional period, the 0% interest rate will revert to the standard purchase rate (which usually sits between 12% and 22%, but be higher). Consider the standard interest rate before applying for the card so you understand how your debt will grow if you fail to repay your balance before the promotional period ends.
  2. Only making the minimum repayment:

    • You’ll be required to make minimum repayments, usually 2% or 3% of the total balance, each statement period. However, if you only match the minimum amount each month, you’ll be unable to repay your entire balance before the 0% offer finishes. If you make more than the minimum repayment, you’ll have a much better chance of repaying your balance before the standard rate applies and you start paying a higher interest rate. If you’re unable to repay your balance before the 0% purchase offer ends, a balance transfer might be the next step.
  3. Ineligible transactions:

    • The 0% offer only applies to eligible purchases. If you use your card for balance transfers, cash advances or other cash-equivalent transactions, they’ll usually be charged at the standard rate unless a separate promotional offer applies.
  4. Not taking advantage of the entire offer period:

    • The 0% offer is available as soon as your card is approved, not from when you make your first purchase. So if your card offers a 0% offer for six months but you don’t make a purchase or any repayments for the first month, you’ll only have five more months to make repayments without incurring interest. If you have a big purchase in mind, make it as soon as possible and start making repayments immediately to get the maximum value out of the offer length.

How many purchases will receive the 0% interest rate?

All eligible purchases made once the card is activated until the end of the promotional period will not collect any interest. However, any remaining balances that haven’t been repaid by the end of the promotional offer will start to collect interest.

Note:- Ineligible transactions, such as cash advances or balance transfers, will increase the standard rate of interest.

What types of transactions are eligible to receive 0% interest?

Your transactions need to qualify as an “eligible purchase” to be covered under the 0% purchase promotion. Eligible purchases are generally defined as everyday purchases which involve the exchange of goods or service for payment. Transactions that do not qualify as eligible purchases generally include business expenses, gambling transactions, balance transfers, and cash advances. If you are unsure about whether your transaction will qualify, contact your bank directly for clarification.

What is the interest rate after the 0% promotional period?

After your 0% purchase promotion has finished, the balance outstanding on purchases made will be charged interest at the regular purchase rate, usually known as the “standard rate” or “revert rate”. You can consider moving your outstanding purchase amount to a 0% balance transfer credit card, which will give you more time to repay your debt interest-free.

The introductory 0% interest periods offered in these cards can be a great way to save money on planned purchases and big-ticket items that you need to buy. When you’re comparing these cards, pay attention to how long the promotional period lasts, what interest rate applies at the end of the promotional period and other features and fees so that you can find one that suits your needs.

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